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Top 10 Health Benefits of Seafood

1. Helps to maintain the eyesight: Seafood is quite rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the rate of macular degeneration with age. These omega-3 acids, thus, preventing your eyes from losing their vision and allowing you to maintain the eyesight. Oil-rich fish, like a smoked salmon dish or some bluefin tuna, have concentrated amounts of this nutrient and helps in improving night vision.

2. Boosts the power of the brain The presence of DHA and EPA in the omega-3 acids boosts the growth of brainpower in young children. Fish and other varieties of seafood also prevent the body from developing diseases like Alzheimer’s. The nutrients are also said to improve cognitive function in ageing women.

3. Improves the heart health The low amount of saturated fats and concentrated proteins in fishes help in maintaining the health of the heart. Consumption of fresh fish reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The heart remains in proper functionality and the chances of suffering from strokes or heart attacks are reduced manifold.

4. Preserves the natural glow of the skin Nutrients present in salmon fish or tuna fish help in retaining the original moisture f the skin, thereby, preventing you from losing your natural glow. They also protect the skin against the UV rays of the sun and also fights against acne.

5. Provides the body with essential nutrients Different categories of seafood are known for providing the body with different valuable nutrients. They have vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Fish are also rich in proteins that provide energy to the body and increase metabolism rates as well.

6. Improves the functionality of the immune system An important Anti-oxidant, Selenium is found is good quantities in a portion of seafood. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps in strengthening the immune system of your body, thereby protecting it from allergies and asthma.

7. Enhances the growth of the foetus Eating seafood helps in the development of the foetus in pregnant women. It helps in the faster development of the central nervous system of the baby in the foetal stage. Thus, it has a positive impact on birth weight and reduces the risks of pre-term delivery.

8. Fights against depression The best solution to build positivity towards life, seafood is known to treat depression. The Omega-3 fatty acids make sure that the risk of falling into depression is minimized and yo0u can live a happy and healthy life.

9. Seafood is generally considered to be a low-calorie protein source. Most low-fat species of fish, such as cod, flounder and sole, contain less than 100 calories per 3-ounce cooked portion, and even fattier fish like mackerel, herring, and salmon have about 200 calories per serving. Seafood is a complete protein source. It contains enough of the essential amino acids to assure healthy growth and optimal fetal development. A 3-ounce serving of most fish and shellfish provides about 30-40% of the average daily recommended amount of protein. The protein in seafood is easier to digest because seafood has less connective tissue than red meats and poultry.

10. Fish is a natural source of B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin A (especially oily fish). B-complex vitamins have been associated with healthy development of the nervous system. Vitamin A is needed for healthy vision as well as for healthy skin, while vitamin D is essential in bone development, fish is also a good source of minerals such as selenium, zinc, iodine, and iron. Selenium is a potent antioxidant that protects against cell damage and may help to counter the negative effects of mercury. Zinc is needed for cell growth and immune system health. Iodine helps maintain thyroid gland function, while the iron is important in red blood cell production. Small fish eaten wholes, such as sardines and anchovies, are an important source of calcium needed for bone development.



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